1.       Who are Express Cleaners?
Express Cleaners is a subsidiary of  O. ASALA BOROKINNI ENTERPRISES
 We specialize in: 

  • Fumigation & Pest control;
  • Janitorial services; 
  •  Post Construction Cleaning; 
  • Industrial Cleaning; 
  • Laundry & Dry-cleaning; 
  • Landscaping Maintenance amongst others.

2.       Where can Express Cleaners work?
Express Cleaners can work anywhere any form of cleaning service is required. 

3.       Are Express Cleaners  suitable for all kinds of industries?
At Express Cleaners,  we have tailored services to meet any industry's need. We are capable of providing our service to any type of industry, company, factory, warehouse amongst others. 

4.       How expensive is Express Cleaners?
At Express Cleaners,  our efficiency is unequalled. So is our affordability. Yes, we are very affordable. 

5.       How is our service affected by the environment?
Our service in any area it is carried out ushers in an exceptionally clean environment. 

6.       Available for travel?
We are always available for travel. Location is no barrier for us at Express Cleaners. 

7.       How Express Cleaners employ her workers?
We select the most capable and best hands for our work after carrying out a detailed recruitment process.